Learn who is really in your network, what’s working, and how you can improve your network through the data visualization and practical steps provided in the Leader Network Diagnostic.

The Leader Network Diagnostic is a 20-minute individual assessment that will help you visualize and understand your professional network. The individual assessment includes the questionnaire, comprehensive results, and an interpretation guide to help you makes sense of the data and create an action plan for your network.

Additionally, you will become part of our Network of Leaders, with access to our full suite of leadership training. As a member, you will have access to online networking courses and educational videos that provide additional guidance on the diagnostic, your results, and the simple steps you can take to improve your professional network.

By taking the Leader Network Diagnostic you’ll be able to

<h4><strong>Assess the current effectiveness of your network</strong></h4>

Assess the current effectiveness of your network

<h4><strong>Make small changes that have a big impact on your network</strong></h4>

Make small changes that have a big impact on your network

<h4><strong>Discover how your professional network can help you succeed</strong></h4>

Discover how your professional network can help you succeed

  • Learn common networking myths
  • Understand the mindset of an effective networker
  • Identify the top 5 most common network traps
  • Discover invisible biases in your specific network
  • Aquire frameworks for powerful networking strategies

Explore the extensive research behind the diagnostic

See real user insights from the Leader Network Diagnostic

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