Help others leverage the full power of their networks by becoming a Certified Trainer of the Leader Network Diagnostic.

Human Resources professionals, leadership trainers, executive coaches, university professors, network scholars, and more have used our training and development program to help their clients build networks for future success. We’ve designed the Leader Network Diagnostic to facilitate much of the learning and allow you to tailor the right conversations for your participants’ growth and development.

  • Discounted diagnostics: 70% off diagnostics for your participants
  • Detailed framework on how to deliver the material
  • Training videos from Phil Willburn, creator of the diagnostic
  • Comprehensive FAQ with cited references and studies
  • Ongoing access to updates and new research

As a Certified Trainer, you will help your organization improve:


Breaking down silos


Solving complex problems


Creating alignment

Bring powerful network research to your clients

See the impact of the Leader Network Diagnostic

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