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Network Leader is proud to partner with leadership development platform Adeption to offer a new Certified Trainer experience.

Join us in making the complex world of network research and analysis easy for anyone to understand and apply.

Certified Trainers get access to:

  • A custom training experience created by leadership development experts and organizational psychologists
  • A full suite of training materials including a detailed delivery framework, presentation, FAQ with citations/studies, prework and video walk through
  • The Diagnostic itself to map their own complex, professional networks
  • A Diagnostic self-guided experience for additional learning and context
  • The reporting and participant management portal

The Leader Network Diagnostic is a flexible, fully digital assessment that can be delivered and debriefed in a variety of different ways

Human Resources professionals, leadership trainers, executive coaches, university professors, network scholars, and more have used our training and development program to help individuals build networks for future success.

We’ve designed the Leader Network Diagnostic to facilitate much of the technical learning, allowing you to focus on facilitating conversations among participants that foster their growth and development.

As a Certified Trainer, you will help your organization improve:


Break down silos


Solving complex problems


Creating alignment


As a result of taking The Diagnostic, professionals will be better able to:

  • Expand the flow of information and opportunities in their network
  • Grow relationships that enable them to more easily navigate complex or flattened hierarchies
  • Identify and develop relationships that cross critical boundaries or provide key resources that are missing from their network
  • Strengthen relationships that will increase the success of their professional goals
  • Add value to others by connecting people in their network who would benefit most from knowing each other

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