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A Certified Trainer is someone looking to teach others about the power of professional networks. A 1-year subscription gives trainers access to discounted licenses for their participants (60-75% off the normal price) and a host of training materials, PowerPoints, walk-throughs, frequently asked questions, research and more.

1 year’s membership to the Individual Assessment gives you unlimited access to the leader network diagnostic, interpretation guide, network traps guide, videos, support and more. Everything is easy to view and download through our membership system and new videos, writings and research will be available to you before anyone else.

Certified Trainer
$400 for 1 year
By becoming a certified trainer, you’ll help your clients or organization leverage the full power of networks.
$30 discounted licenses for your participants (normally $100 each)
LND slide show with embedded facilitator notes
Video description of each part of the LND facilitation workshop
A 12 page Frequently Asked Questions document that outlines common questions you’ll encounter when teaching this in the classroom – along with cited references and studies
A framework to run an executive coaching session using this assessment
Access to ongoing updates to the diagnostic and the associated materials
Individual Assessment
$100 for 1 year
The Individual Assessment is a 20-minute questionnaire that helps you evaluate your professional network.
Assess the current effectiveness of your network
Learn how to make small changes that have a big impact in your effectiveness
Learn common networking myths
Understand mindsets of an effective networker
Identify top 5 most common network traps
Identify invisible biases in your network
Develop a framework for effective networking strategies
Learn quick fun practices to help you develop your networking skills