Individual Assessment

The Individual Assessment is a 20-minute questionnaire that helps you evaluate your professional network. The Individual Assessment includes the questionnaire, individual results, and an interpretation guide. You also get a full suite of educational videos (hosted by Leader Network Diagnostic creator Phil Willburn) that will walk you through taking the diagnostic, interpreting the results, and offer simple steps you can take to improve your professional network.

By taking the individual Leader Network Diagnostic you’ll be able to

  • Assess the current effectiveness of your network
  • Learn how to make small changes that have a big impact in your effectiveness

In addition to taking the LND and finding ways to change your network for the better, you’ll also

  • Learn common networking myths
  • Understand mindsets of an effective networker
  • Identify top 5 most common network traps
  • Identify invisible biases in your network
  • Develop a framework for effective networking strategies

Learn quick fun practices to help you develop your networking skills