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Network analytics have helped leaders understand and improve their networks for over 40 years. However, finding a real, actionable solution required leaders to navigate between obtuse academia, unproven catch phrases, or unwieldy solutions. Leaders haven’t had a way to quickly or effectively map and review their networks. Until now.

We provide a scientific and analytical-based approach to understanding your network.

Network Leader’s approach has helped more than 13,000 leaders efficiently and scientifically map, analyze, and improve their professional networks. Our product is consumable and actionable, created by academics and scientists, but designed for everyday working professionals.

The Science: Our method draws from years of management and psychology research to apply empirically-vetted knowledge and best practices to leaders’ networks around the globe (read more about it here and here).

The Analytical Data: Our data-based approach allows you to see hidden patterns that impact your effectiveness. Similar to the analytical methodologies used by the intelligence community, Network Leader’s approach provides context for how relationships actually function together, as opposed to how we think they do.

Our approach is tested and proven.

The Leader Network Diagnostic brings together easy-to-understand, real-world methods to help you build a better network and create greater impact. Our massive study of over 5,000 leaders validates that the Network Leader approach transforms leaders by helping them transform their network. The leaders in this study came from all walks of life; different educational backgrounds, levels of leadership, and from all around the globe. During this study, we analyzed their networks, the changes they made, and when those changeshelped improve their organizational effectiveness.

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<h1><strong>90%</strong> of people surveyed said this approach <strong>dramatically improved their effectiveness</strong></h1>

90% of people surveyed said this approach dramatically improved their effectiveness

Over 40 years of network science research shows that leaders with effective networks are:

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Philip Willburn

Phil Willburn
creator of the Leader Network Diagnostic

Phil spent 5+ years inside the intelligence community teaching analysts how to identify, track, and target leaders inside the world’s most nefarious networks. He then spent 5 years applying the same science – network analytics – to help leaders and senior teams in organizations create more effective networks. Phil has published numerous papers on leadership and networks; speaks and teaches at conferences; and received an award for his work on creating new techniques of identifying influencers during an international crisis. He has lead more than 50 network analytic projects and have helped 5000+ leaders with their own networks using the LND. Phil holds a masters degree in communication where he spent time mapping the communication networks of effective leaders. Read Phil’s Blog >

Our Research

The following list includes our research, which we have used for the development and improvement of the Leader Network Diagnostic.